AOC has introduced its new large gaming display aimed at gamers on a budget. The AOC Q3279VWFD8 is a 31.5-inch monitor and features AMD’s FreeSync technology, but its price will be around €250 in Europe.

The AOC Q3279VWFD8 is based on an 8-bit + FRC 31.5-inch IPS panel featuring a 2560×1440 resolution, 250 nits brightness, a 1200:1 static contrast ratio, a 5 ms GtG response time, a 75 Hz refresh rate, and so on. The monitor covers 98% of the sRGB and 84% of the Adobe RGB color gamuts. In addition, the display supports AMD's FreeSync dynamic refresh rate technology. The manufacturer does not publish the exact FreeSync’s range, specifically the lower bound, but typically the range is around 30-75 Hz on inexpensive models.

When it comes to inputs, the AOC Q3279VWFD8 has one DisplayPort 1.2 input, one HDMI 1.4 port, one DVI-D port, and one D-Sub input. In addition, the LCD has one 3.5-mm audio output for headphones, but does not include integrated speakers. As for the stand, it supports tilt adjustment, but not height or swivel adjustments.

AOC will start selling its Q3279VWFD8 later this month for the price of £219 in the U.K. and approximately €250 in mainland Europe. Being very affordable for a 31.5-inch model, the AOC Q3279VWFD8 naturally does not support premium features, such as high brightness, DCI-P3, a high refresh rate and so on. Obviously, price and dimension are the main selling points of the product. Besides, customers in budget hardly own high-end graphics cards that offer performance of above 100 fps in the latest games at a 2560×1440 resolution.

Specifications of AOC's Entry-Level 31.5" Gaming Display
Panel 31.5" IPS
Native Resolution 2560 × 1440
Maximum Refresh Rate 75 Hz
Dynamic Refresh Tech FreeSync on DisplayPort
30?-75 Hz
Response Time 5 ms (gray-to-gray)
Brightness 250 cd/m²
Contrast 1200:1
Viewing Angles 178°/178° horizontal/vertical
Pixel Pitch 0.273 × 0.273 mm
PPI 93
Color Gamut 98% sRGB
88% NTSC
84$% Adobe RGB
Inputs 1 × DisplayPort 1.2
1 × DVI DL
1 × D-Sub
1 × HDMI 1.4
Audio 3.5-mm headphone jack
Color Black and Silver
Power Consumption Standby < 0.5 W
Maximum 45 W

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  • johnnycanadian - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    Youngsters? I wish! :-) I was working with a bespoke DBMS on a VAX6k when it was cutting edge and brand new. Now get off my lawn!

    I recognize the usefulness of retaining analog support but if you're going to do so then why not implement a DVI-I port which would render the D-sub redundant? I recall that the GTS 450 cards only had a pair of DVI-I ports on them to support analog, which was the perfect solution IMHO.
  • mharris127 - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    I agree that VGA is still useful. I was unaware that it could go beyond 1080p but I have a computer monitor rated at 1080p connected to a computer via VGA and it does just fine. I remember when computer monitors were only 640 X 480 and those were connected routinely via VGA. The computer I use in my office area has a 32 inch television that is only 720p as a monitor and it does the job just fine. Maybe if I were a heavy gamer I would think different but for my purposes it is fine. I also have an old AOC 20 inch monitor, it survived six years of heavy use and even a drop from a cabinet about seven feet off of the ground to the floor (and still worked a couple of months ago when I last fired it up). If the AOC featured in this review is half as good as my old AOC it will serve a buyer very well, I hope the Sceptre television that I am using now as my main monitor lasts as long.
  • Ruimanalmeida - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    I have monitor AOC Q3279VWF (with a MVA screen instead of an IPS screen) for six months, that is available in Europe for EUR199.00. Basically has similar specs as Q3279VWFD8, albeit a higher contrast ratio (>3000:1).

    Yes you can mount it on the wall with a VESA mount adapter and then use a normal VESA support. VESA mount adapter for this AOC monitor looks similar as this one

    250 cd/m² brightness is more then enough inside a room - I use it at less then half of that.

    - The static contrast is high (in tests higher than the 3000: 1)
    - The software included allows you to control all the functions of the monitor without touching the physical keys (not touch).
    - The version that is currently supplied has an integrated power transformer

    - The screen is glossy (reflective) as well as its side moulding, as specified at manufacturer catalogue, so you have to control light that affects you.
    - Impossible to get support from manufacturer - simply no answer.
    - The driver that comes on the CD is for the model Q3279WG5B (I do not know if it is the same monitor, only the reference is different). From website, same thing happens
  • Diji1 - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    Do you have the issue where it takes many seconds, like 15 or more, come come out of low power state? The power light switches on but the screen stays blank for ages before working. Seems worse with DVI and VGA than HDMI and DP.
  • Arnulf - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    "naturally does not support premium features"

    Since when are height adjustment and integrated USB (2.0) hub considered premium display features? This thing lacks both.

    This monitor is poop.
  • rocky12345 - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    Looks like an ok monitor for the price. You get 32"(31.5) inches of screen. You also get IPS panel and 1440p. You get 75Hz refresh rate as well no it's not 144Hz refresh but it will do the job fine. You get Display port,HDMI,DVI,VGA for inputs. For those features the price is actually pretty good.

    Yet I still see everyone complaining about it like oh no Vesa mounts or oh the screen is only 250 nits it's not bright enough. Oh it's only 75Hz etc etc.

    For the features it does have and the screen size this is a pretty fair deal. This will get the job done for most people it offers a lot of bang for the buck. I have watched for a while people complain about monitors in the 1440p range costing to much or if they are over 27" being to costly well this monitor is for you guys that wanted something cheaper yet have most of the features the more costly monitors have. You won't find to many deals like this where the monitor is a decent deal and covers most of the bases at the same time. Would I buy it for myself probably not it is to small for my own needs. I am used to 60" HD TV and 125" projector screen so going down to 32" would be a huge down grade for me. I would how ever buy this for my work station setup which would be a huge upgrade from my current 22" inch monitors I have.
  • Manch - Friday, July 20, 2018 - link

    BC they all want a monitor with every imaginable spec but at a price about 300 euros south of this one.
  • Lolimaster - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    For consumer IPS looks absolutely horrible, even worse with matter coating. When people realize the black content is actually somekind of "semi dark grey" it makes vomit.

    We need a big bush for 27-32" 2560x1440 120Hz VA
  • Yaldabaoth - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    "Sorry, I prefer more smooth and voluptuous."
  • Lolimaster - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    And full glossy

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