09:48PM EDT - This year is a busy one for Intel. A new CEO at the start of the year, a commitment to 7nm, and then the launch of new desktop Rocket Lake processors followed by Tiger Lake-H processors. There are promises of next-generation Alder Lake later in the year, and we're all interested to see what happens with Intel's desktop graphics strategy. Heading up today's Computex keynote is not the usual CEO spot, but Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Intel's EVP and Chief Revenue Officer. We'll be starting the live blog promptly at 10pm ET, or 10am Taipei time.

10:01PM EDT - Here we go

10:01PM EDT - Starting with a Taitra intro as the first keynote of the event

10:02PM EDT - [upbeat music]

10:03PM EDT - This is the first presentation in the pandemic I've seen with built-in subtitles done in advance for a pre-recorded video. Good to see that there's some accessibility going on

10:04PM EDT - Starting with pandemic talk

10:04PM EDT - Intel aims to create world changing technology for everyone on the planet

10:05PM EDT - Intel was first in Taiwan in 1985

10:05PM EDT - Computex since 1990

10:05PM EDT - Shortages and pandemic will be felt for a decade

10:05PM EDT - Forcing fundamental changes in infrastructure

10:06PM EDT - Blurring of work lives and home lives

10:06PM EDT - Need for complete solutions across both

10:06PM EDT - Needs more innovation from cloud to edge to devices

10:06PM EDT - Intel Pandemic Response Technology Initiative

10:07PM EDT - Invest in technology to limit the impact of future crises

10:07PM EDT - Joe Hsieh from ASUS cameo

10:07PM EDT - Improvements in medical technology

10:09PM EDT - IRTI will continue to fund projects in healthcare and education

10:09PM EDT - New $20m commitment from Intel to ITRI

10:10PM EDT - Innovation plays a critical role

10:10PM EDT - Solutions of tomorrow require new technology, not old technology

10:10PM EDT - new CEO cameo

10:11PM EDT - Mentioning Intel Developer Forum

10:11PM EDT - Intel offers at-scale manufacturing

10:11PM EDT - Uniquely suited for innovation

10:11PM EDT - accelerated by COVID

10:11PM EDT - (What pin is Pat wearing?)

10:12PM EDT - Supply chain constraints

10:12PM EDT - Near-term constraints though

10:12PM EDT - It will take a couple of years to get to the end of this

10:12PM EDT - Entire supply chain needs to rise to the education

10:12PM EDT - Wi-Fi modules, substrates, Panels

10:13PM EDT - Collaborative approach from Intel with their suppliers (and their suppliers)

10:13PM EDT - Investment in suppliers for Intel's Vietnam site

10:13PM EDT - Unveiled IDM 2.0 in March

10:13PM EDT - Intel Foundry Services

10:13PM EDT - $20b investment announcement so far

10:14PM EDT - Arizona and New Mexico so far

10:14PM EDT - world-wide supply chain

10:15PM EDT - build-out of the four superpowers

10:15PM EDT - Not just specification chasing

10:15PM EDT - (But all areas require specifications)

10:16PM EDT - Update from Lisa Spelman

10:16PM EDT - Servicing all workloads from edge to cloud

10:16PM EDT - Launched 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable this year

10:17PM EDT - hundreds of unique 3rd Gen Xeon systems

10:17PM EDT - Next Gen Sapphire Rapids


10:18PM EDT - currently being sampled to key customers

10:18PM EDT - Partnered with Olympic Games

10:19PM EDT - Olympic Games is a real-life innovation lab for Intel

10:19PM EDT - Integrating technology

10:20PM EDT - 3D camreas and athlete tracking

10:20PM EDT - Optane and SmartNICs

10:20PM EDT - perform fine-grain skeletal analysis

10:21PM EDT - Also other sports events

10:21PM EDT - Intel in 80% of the Olympic venues

10:21PM EDT - Taiwan 5G innovation Center

10:22PM EDT - Testing critical equipment

10:22PM EDT - Intel FlexRAN

10:23PM EDT - Partnership with QCT and Foxconn

10:24PM EDT - Now for the PC

10:24PM EDT - Migrating from home to work in the same location

10:25PM EDT - Phenomenal year for the PC market

10:25PM EDT - (Intel expects PC Market to sell 1 million units a day in 2021)

10:25PM EDT - (350m+ units)

10:25PM EDT - Demand Drivers are here to stay

10:26PM EDT - Leadership innovation with Intel

10:26PM EDT - Something new and exciting every quarter from Intel

10:26PM EDT - 3 weeks ago, launched Tiger Lake-H at 45W

10:28PM EDT - Lots of OEM support

10:28PM EDT - 88 H-series designs

10:28PM EDT - 'Only Intel can do volume'

10:28PM EDT - 1 million H-series units shipped in 3 weeks

10:29PM EDT - First announcement of the day, two new Tiger Lake-U

10:29PM EDT - This is the start of the TGL-U Refresh we disclosed last month

10:29PM EDT - Core i7-1195G7

10:30PM EDT - '60 designs available by holiday'

10:30PM EDT - some starting to sell this week (but where?)

10:31PM EDT - Intel 5G Solution 5000, first 5G modem (partnership with Mediatek)

10:31PM EDT - Acer, ASUS and HP enabling products this year. 29 designs expected

10:31PM EDT - Acer already announced a home modem/base station

10:32PM EDT - It's an M.2 slot, but not standard M.2 size

10:32PM EDT - 30x52

10:32PM EDT - Branded Fibocom

10:32PM EDT - Fibocom has been partnered with Intel on wireless mobile solutions for years

10:33PM EDT - Now Intel Evo

10:33PM EDT - six 4K content playback at once

10:34PM EDT - 99% frames seen, vs AMD where 99% frames dropped, in Adobe

10:34PM EDT - (I don't use Adobe though...)

10:34PM EDT - 5000 engineers to test and tune Evo systems with partners

10:35PM EDT - Invest $50m into Intel Evo in 2021

10:35PM EDT - Alder Lake

10:36PM EDT - Alder Lake mobile is up and running

10:36PM EDT - Later this year

10:38PM EDT - 'The Best Days are Ahead of Us'

10:38PM EDT - Now sustainability

10:39PM EDT - Acer, 100% renewable by 2035

10:39PM EDT - using recycled plastics and recycled paper for packaging

10:40PM EDT - Aspire Vero laptop made from recycled plastic

10:40PM EDT - and 11th Gen CPUs

10:41PM EDT - That looks quite interesting

10:41PM EDT - That's a wrap from Intel. Here's our article on the announcements, which includes a peek at the next gen NUC11. https://www.anandtech.com/show/16716/intel-at-computex-2020-tiger-lakeu-refresh-mediatek-5g-solutions-nuc-11-extreme



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  • mode_13h - Sunday, June 6, 2021 - link

    That user also posts on another forum where I've seen posts that are more technical. If you ask deep questions about Intel's tech, JayNor can provide useful answers (as long as it's published in a datasheet, manual, or otherwise public knowledge). Reply
  • Qasar - Sunday, June 6, 2021 - link

    and some still show he is biased towards intel, mostly anti amd, and still reads like he was briefed by intels pr department.
    i think some have asked him where he gets his info from, and post links for some of it, and i dont recall if he does when asked. as some really do seem a little far fetched, but, meh
  • rocky12345 - Friday, June 4, 2021 - link

    Patrick is that you??? Reply
  • mode_13h - Monday, May 31, 2021 - link

    I share your disappointment in Optane fizzling. The performance numbers for the DC P5800X look pretty amazing. I hoped I could have such a SSD for myself, by now.

    I wish they'd be more transparent about why they can't seem to get the volumes up or the prices down, but I assume it has to do with density not scaling as they'd expected. I believe the latest generation of Optane storage is only like 4 layers, yet it's having to compete against 3D NAND with like 192 layers.

    As for the rest, I think you should just lighten up. There's nothing new, here. This was always going to be a presentation about posturing and fluff. Yes, Intel is in a bad spot, but they're not going to be all doom and gloom about it.

    We should just be glad that there are alternatives, and that Tiger Lake seems like real progress. Next to watch will be how Sapphire Rapids turns out, as you rightly state.
  • JayNor - Monday, May 31, 2021 - link

    Intel hasn't changed their plans for Optane on server. Gen3 support comes with Sapphire Rapids.

    They apparently plan to move Optane out of the memory controller and into CXL memory pools after that, as they implement cxl 2.x

  • mode_13h - Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - link

    > Intel hasn't changed their plans for Optane on server.

    Thanks for the update. To be clear, I wasn't talking about their server plans. I'm merely disappointed that Optane seems to be disappearing from their consumer SSDs (except as a small cache/buffer).
  • mode_13h - Monday, May 31, 2021 - link

    Did they address disposal of PCs, at all? It's listed on the slide as one of their industry's biggest problems, but then all that's mentioned is a laptop made from recycled materials that probably weren't part of any tech product. Reply
  • Gondalf - Monday, May 31, 2021 - link

    In one thing Intel is right, without volume you are out of the serious games.
    Ask to AMD, they are happy of Sony engagement...... Not enough unfortunately, they run out of silicon.
    No silicon no chances against Intel.
  • mode_13h - Monday, May 31, 2021 - link

    I don't believe the wafers used for PS5 are from the same allocation as AMD's own products. If AMD didn't take Sony's business, Sony would've gone elsewhere and so they'd still be competing for TSMC's production capacity.

    If you can prove me wrong, please do. Otherwise, I will assume it's just more gnashing of teeth by Intel fanboys.
  • Bagheera - Monday, May 31, 2021 - link

    I don't think it was TSMC capacity. I think AMD simply underestimated PC demand for 2020 - Covid + the strength of Zen 3 launch.

    keep in mind the capacity was already booked years before.

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