Appearance and Cable Configuration

The white finish is pretty uncommon these days, and the red In Win logo adds a nice touch. The fan grille and ventilation holes at the back correspond to what we are used to see. There is a small power switch beside the AC inlet. At 140mm in length, this is a very small case and will work well in smaller enclosures.

Cables and Connectors

Connector type (length)

Main 1x 24-pin (45cm) fixed
ATX12V/EPS12V 1x 4+4-pin (50cm) fixed
PCIe 1x 6/8-pin (50cm) fixed, 1x 6/8-pin (50cm) fixed
Peripheral 3x SATA (ca. 50, 65, 80cm) fixed
3x SATA (ca. 50, 65, 80cm) fixed
3x Molex, 1x FDD (ca. 50, 65, 80, 95cm) fixed

All cables are fixed and there is even more bad news: Some cables are quite short and the number of HDD plugs is pretty unsatisfying as well. In addition six SATA connectors on two cables is just so-so for a 650W PSU. We'd like to see eight plugs here. Anyway, the cable sleeving is upscale and all peripheral harnesses reach 80cm length or more. Moreover even a low number of peripheral connectors should be enough to support most common PCs. Only for SLI and CrossFire setups with high-end graphics cards customers will need more PCIe connectors.


Delivery Contents, Power Rating and Fan Internals and Electronics


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  • alfredshuryan - Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - link

    PCs4VETS recycle tech for reuse or proper disposal. Al Shuryan and the PCS4VETS awareness project needs sponsors to help with custom builds, building and helping the foundations Veterans missions and objectives. Conservation, energy, Veterans, RE-Cycle, Re-use, learn, help, teach, tax credits, jobs. Help me Help PCS4VETS get a SHOUT OUT! Reply
  • alfredshuryan - Sunday, February 3, 2013 - link

    No matter what the donation, support or mention is ANY help is appreciated and all adds up.
    In-Win donated a power supply for a Custom PC Mod/Build that auctioned to pay for the recycling, refurbishing and reclaiming of scrap by disabled veterans for disabled veterans.
    This one item teamed up with a few others build a customized computer called Purple Heart - MERIT.
    That auctioned off and all funds donated to PCs4VETS.
    PCs4VETS used some of the funds to sponsor a E-WASTE Event in San Diego in November 2012.
    The E-waste was a success, Veterans took the waste and broke it all down reclaiming metals and rare earth compounds for recycling. $1,000 of dollars worth in the semi load.
    Those funds and the remaining funds paid to refurbish 100's of laptops. We have the cost down to $20/laptop, from donation to veterans door.
    1 simple donation lead and built up to 100's of tools put into the hands of needy veterans and families.
    It does not have to millions in donations to change the world, a life, save resources or even a life.
    Thank You IN-WIN for helping me change the world,
    Al Shuryan
    Co-chair PCS4VETS Advisory Council

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