HP DeskJet 1000C

by Anand Lal Shimpi on August 17, 1997 11:32 PM EST
Now what can this thing really do?

Before beginning to print, HP's ToolBox utility allows you to perform many operations as well as aids you in the process of accomplishing those annoying tasks like clearing a paper jam, aligning the cartridges, and cleaning the cartridges to name a few. You can use HP's Color Smart technology to ensure that your finished product comes out looking just like you imagined it would, with no odd surprises or blurry features. By clicking a few buttons and checking a few boxes you can configure your printer to export some nice business charts, or produce a few family photos from your last vacation. With the 1000C you have the now standard options of printing on Envelopes, labels, cards (including thick cards, 0.3mm) and transparency film. However the toolbox also allows the user to print with special features. These features include, ZoomSmart scaling technology, which enables your printer to enlarge or reduce the size of your document much like a copier. You can also print booklets, billboards, as well as banners. You have the now common option of 2 sided printing and printing handouts, and the new option of printing a mirror image (printing a laterally inverted image of your page).

Now lets get to the printing. I sent to the spooler a total of 7 requests, 3 being print jobs for standard 81/2" x 11" (A4) Letter size paper, 3 for the larger 11" x 17" (A3) size paper, and 1 user defined paper size for a photo-realistic print job. After performing the cartridge alignment process and printing a self test I began printing the samples provided by HP which supposedly take full advantage of the printer's capabilities, in my opinion, they did. This is where some of the faults of the 1000C are exposed, the two major ones being its noise and its cheaply designed, yet stylish casing. Preparing to print, the loud 1000C positions its two cartridges (1 B/W + 1 Color) in the standby position creating a train like sound before even putting the first drops of ink on the page at the 600 x 600 dpi resolution (both B/W and color courtesy of HP's Resolution Enhancement Technology). After that initial stage the 1000C's operation is whisper quiet, it just gets a tad bit annoying especially if you have to print a 300 page document at 1 in the morning. The case of the printer, although very stylish and very pleasing to the eye, can be broken or damaged with the intention of simply opening the cover. Bottom line, don't put your new investment in any high traffic areas of your workplace.

Putting it to the Test

Print Job

Time Elapsed in Seconds

Align Printer Cartridges


Printer Self Test


Print Sample 1 (Letter - A4) Business Charts (BW + Simple Color)


Print Sample 2 (Letter - A4) Graphics and Text (BW + Complex Color)


Print Sample 3 (Letter - A4) Graphics (Complex Color)


Print Sample 4 (11 x 17") Business Charts (BW + Simple Color)


Print Sample 5 (11 x 17") Graphics and Text (BW + Complex Color)


Print Sample 6 (11 x 17") Graphics (Complex Color)


Print Sample 7 (User Defined Paper Size) Graphics (Vivid Color)


I was amazed at the printing speed of the DeskJet 1000C, if you think those numbers are a bit high, here is an example of one of the print jobs I sent to the printer.


If you are looking for a printer that can boast true laser quality, as well as the ability to print vivid color images with the flip of a switch, the Hewlett Packard DeskJet 1000C is the printer for you. However, if the price is a little too intimidating, or you feel that you don't need all that power in a printer, try the inexpensive 855C or 694C solutions by HP.

Specifications/Contact Information

Price - $499.95 (MSRP)

6ppm Black & White Printing Speed / 3.5ppm Color Printing Speed
Max Resolution - 600 x 600 dpi Black / 600 x 600 color (with REt)

W x H x D: 22.8 x 8.8 x 15.0 in. (579.1 x 223.5 x 380.0 mm)
Weight - 20.7lbs (9.4kg)

Printable Paper Sizes - from 3.94" x 5.83" to 13" x 19"


486-66MHz or above
Windows 3.1x or Windows 95 (Windows NT not officially supported)
8MB of RAM
up to 50MB of free hard disk space (photo quality pictures)

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    One day I'll be able to mine with this printer.


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