11:25AM EDT - Looks like that's a wrap. Product demos now.

11:24AM EDT - Looks like we're getting a P8 sample to take away

11:23AM EDT - P8 Max available in one month

11:23AM EDT - 649 Euro for 3GB/64GB

11:23AM EDT - 549 EUro for 3GB/32GB

11:23AM EDT - For P8 Max

11:22AM EDT - 1 month later available worldwide

11:22AM EDT - 30 countries after todays launch

11:22AM EDT - Two colors per storage size

11:22AM EDT - those were for the P8

11:21AM EDT - 599 Euro for 3GB DRAM and 64GB Storage

11:21AM EDT - 499 Euro for 3GB DRAM and 16GB Storage

11:21AM EDT - now pricing

11:21AM EDT - because a 6.8-inch phablet might be difficult to hold (!) for a call

11:20AM EDT - Pair the phone with a TalkBand B2 for hands free calling

11:20AM EDT - dot cover, similar to HTC

11:19AM EDT - magnetic leather case

11:19AM EDT - Gorilla Glass 4

11:18AM EDT - 6.8mm

11:18AM EDT - 83% screen to body ratio

11:18AM EDT - 7-layer heat conduction structure

11:17AM EDT - Patented cooling tech

11:17AM EDT - back panel is 5C cooler after 3 hours video streaming

11:16AM EDT - 2.23 days on normal use

11:16AM EDT - Li-Poly

11:16AM EDT - 4360 mAh battery

11:15AM EDT - customized UI for bigger display

11:15AM EDT - Auto adjusts brightness in 'sun view mode'

11:14AM EDT - 95.9% saturation

11:13AM EDT - 6.8-inch JDI IPS-Neo FHD display 1500:1

11:13AM EDT - Huawei P8 Max ! !

11:13AM EDT - video over

11:12AM EDT - the video had the big A53s in the CPU listed as A53X

11:12AM EDT - surprised they only just mentioned it now

11:12AM EDT - Full-HD

11:11AM EDT - Another video

11:11AM EDT - No mention of the rating or the nano coating

11:10AM EDT - or just an IP number

11:10AM EDT - Superhydrophobic*

11:10AM EDT - So superhydrophic ?!

11:10AM EDT - Spill resistant with nano coating

11:09AM EDT - The Yotaphone 2 actually puts the e-ink on the back, Huawei makes it an accessory

11:09AM EDT - Even when phone is in sleep mode

11:09AM EDT - accessory for back cover

11:08AM EDT - 4.3-inch

11:08AM EDT - Now an e-ink cover

11:08AM EDT - almost like keyless entry with cars

11:07AM EDT - In case your phone is not with you

11:07AM EDT - e.g. TalkBand B2

11:07AM EDT - Unlock via Bluetooth devices

11:06AM EDT - Say 'Hello Buddy' and the phone will make noise

11:05AM EDT - Wake up your phone with voice

11:05AM EDT - Voice Wake Up +

11:04AM EDT - Single Box Audio chamber

11:04AM EDT - Audio DSP Hi6402 + Smart PA

11:04AM EDT - Music+

11:02AM EDT - Super hands free mode, 2m range for group call

11:00AM EDT - 58% volume increase

11:00AM EDT - noise cancellation and helps hear in noisy environments

11:00AM EDT - Voice+

10:59AM EDT - call direct international without prefix

10:59AM EDT - 2600 mAh

10:59AM EDT - 1 day heavy use

10:58AM EDT - 1.5 days battery average use

10:57AM EDT - Can detect abnormal power use

10:57AM EDT - gains 2.3 days standby time

10:57AM EDT - blocks all abnormal power usage in apps

10:57AM EDT - App power consumption firewall

10:56AM EDT - 20% better efficiency

10:56AM EDT - Quad A53e/quad A53

10:55AM EDT - 80% higher CPU perf than P8

10:55AM EDT - 64-bit octa core

10:55AM EDT - Kirin 930/935

10:55AM EDT - 'It's a balance'

10:55AM EDT - 'People always want powerful smartphone, but lots of battery life'

10:54AM EDT - Draw with your knuckle on the screen to crop and create a screenshot

10:53AM EDT - it's a macro

10:53AM EDT - for screenshots

10:53AM EDT - use the knuckle to double click and crop

10:53AM EDT - New gesture called Rich Touch - Knuckle Sense Technology

10:53AM EDT - usability

10:52AM EDT - Now for 'useability'

10:52AM EDT - 2nd SIM slot also supports microSD up to 128GB

10:50AM EDT - Dual SIM, Dual 4G LTE

10:49AM EDT - Now talking multi-sim

10:49AM EDT - Faster to find networks when you land

10:48AM EDT - Roaming+

10:47AM EDT - Uses QoE and historical hostspot list

10:47AM EDT - Wi-Fi+

10:46AM EDT - Even works on high speed train at 300 km/h

10:46AM EDT - This combination increase connection rate

10:45AM EDT - 33.5 microsecond blanking time compared to 2800

10:45AM EDT - Tiny antennas and seemless switching

10:45AM EDT - Signal+

10:44AM EDT - Now onto Connectivity

10:44AM EDT - After April 27th, an Instagram P8 Light Painting Competion

10:44AM EDT - Comes through the ISP

10:43AM EDT - 'Outshine the crew'

10:43AM EDT - Selfie mode can apply a filter for one face in a group

10:42AM EDT - From the master P8 you can select the different angles

10:42AM EDT - One is a P8

10:42AM EDT - Allows four cameras to take video at the same time

10:42AM EDT - Director Mode

10:40AM EDT - Video on the sparkling rain

10:39AM EDT - Instant preview in the light painting

10:39AM EDT - 'Star Track'

10:37AM EDT - 'Star Trek mode'

10:37AM EDT - Light Painting function

10:36AM EDT - 'Seemless and sleek'

10:36AM EDT - No bump on the camera from the back

10:35AM EDT - Some benchmark photo comparisons

10:34AM EDT - auto-scene recognition in each frame

10:34AM EDT - then combine

10:34AM EDT - four frames simultaneously

10:34AM EDT - multi-frame dynamic time exposure

10:33AM EDT - auto scene recognition makes it more vivid

10:33AM EDT - Better auto exposure, better auto white balance

10:32AM EDT - Chip says Altek

10:32AM EDT - 'DSLR-like ISP'

10:32AM EDT - less noise

10:32AM EDT - With a 4 color sensor, darker images are better and high contrast is better

10:31AM EDT - probably cant see on my image

10:31AM EDT - P8 image looks sharper

10:29AM EDT - OIS at 1.2 degrees

10:29AM EDT - OIS

10:29AM EDT - 4-color RGBW camera

10:29AM EDT - Our philsophy is to increase low light and high contrast images

10:28AM EDT - A Camera is more than megapixels

10:27AM EDT - What is a 'Groufie?!'

10:26AM EDT - Now onto the Camera next

10:26AM EDT - Richard the CEO back on stage

10:26AM EDT - Wide range of cases, including leather flip covers

10:25AM EDT - 'Expect P8 design quality cross all accessories'

10:25AM EDT - 'Unboxing is a surprise'

10:24AM EDT - styled themes

10:24AM EDT - 78.3% screen to body ratio

10:24AM EDT - 1500:1 contrast ratio

10:24AM EDT - 'Holistic' ?!?!

10:23AM EDT - four colors

10:23AM EDT - metallic texture

10:23AM EDT - Precision nano molding

10:23AM EDT - 810 minutes to create each chassis

10:22AM EDT - Full metal unibody

10:21AM EDT - 5.2 inches

10:21AM EDT - Chamfered edges

10:21AM EDT - User can user P8 intuitively

10:20AM EDT - 'One Thumb Operation'

10:19AM EDT - Excess elements are stripped away to be absolutely flat

10:18AM EDT - 'P8 consumers enjoy their life and want to have fun creating'

10:18AM EDT - 'P8 consumers want high fashion and the latest trends'

10:18AM EDT - 'P8 is modern and exceptional materials are an essential part of design'

10:17AM EDT - 'P8 is about premium'

10:17AM EDT - 'I like to explore what you can't see'

10:17AM EDT - 'Design is not just shape or style'

10:17AM EDT - 'In one word, P8 is a combination of sophisticated technology and design'

10:15AM EDT - another video

10:15AM EDT - 'Singularity is the idea that something grand and spectacular has a beginning'

10:14AM EDT - Head of Huawei Design, Joonsuuh Kim

10:14AM EDT - 'We want to create infinity for you'

10:14AM EDT - 'Sleek design, impressive camera'

10:13AM EDT - Now the P8

10:12AM EDT - Now P8 opening video

10:12AM EDT - P7 too

10:11AM EDT - sold in 100 countries

10:11AM EDT - 2013 came the P6

10:11AM EDT - 2012 released P1

10:10AM EDT - New P series, all about beauty

10:10AM EDT - 'We want to change the industry by Making it Possible'

10:10AM EDT - 'Launch an important flagship to start a new journey'

10:10AM EDT - 'We are the main telecoms supplier in many EU countries and the world'

10:09AM EDT - CEO of Huawei Consumer BUsiness Group, Richard Yu

10:09AM EDT - 'Biggest and newest surprise to date'

10:08AM EDT - 'Strength to strength, key player'

10:08AM EDT - Opening spiel

10:07AM EDT - nice high quality video

10:06AM EDT - This was outside the event

10:03AM EDT - The new Huawei logo for the new slogan

10:03AM EDT - Opening video

10:02AM EDT - Waiting for people to sit. Some people are kneeling at the front for pictures

09:42AM EDT - Now a P7 video

09:36AM EDT - Actually, I'm sure that was just the video test for the real thing

09:32AM EDT - They're showing videos of the P6 user testing

09:28AM EDT - We're 30 minutes from show time, but I have a front seat and the auditorium is filling up

09:28AM EDT - If some of the leaks are anything to go by, Kirin should be in the P8 too

09:28AM EDT - Huawei uses HiSilicon SoCs under the Kirin codename, which offer something different in the smartphone space from the usual offerings

09:27AM EDT - Just Ian to live blog today. The P8 should be the natural successor to the P7

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  • Refuge - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - link

    +1 just for the fact that it is not encroaching on Phablet territory! :D

    It is a nice change.
  • Drumsticks - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - link

    ...Oops :P at least they have the 2 options. (And the first is nice).

    I wonder when the Chinese OEMs are going to go for the US market.
  • Refuge - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - link

    I would say very soon.

    And agreed, at least there are two. I love my HTC M7, perfect screen size any bigger and I don't think I would be happy. It is a stretch as it is to go to the opposing corner with one hand.

    since all the offerings from HTC have been going down hill, I might check out one of these. I might upgrade this year afterall. :)
  • Drumsticks - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - link

    Update on myself: Apparently the FCC just approved a US P8 variant. Neat! I'm still not sure how it will do (performance is certainly worse than ex S6 but in this day how much does that matter?) and I'd be surprised if the camera is actually better, but it is still a really nice device.
  • IsobelNicholls - Thursday, April 16, 2015 - link

  • xilience - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - link

    They are really going after Apple/Samsung here. Comparing almost every feature directly to iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6.
  • xype - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - link

    If I’d be Samsung, I’d be shitting my pants. If I were an Android customer, I’d probably be getting a Huawei (since the Xiaomis aren’t available in Austria).
  • Refuge - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - link

    Just makes sense to. Want to jump into the shark tank in America? Start lining up shots on the two biggest sharks before you jump in.

    I say good, more competition.
  • menting - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - link

    i wish they'd announce the price up front.
  • jospoortvliet - Friday, April 17, 2015 - link

    They did. 499 with 16gb, 599 for 64gb. The phablet is 50 more.

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