GTX 480M

The march of progress is inevitable, with faster computers constantly replacing last year's top performing parts. Clevo is a company with a heavy focus on Desktop Replacement (DTR) notebooks, often at the forefront of the latest performance enhancing parts. AVADirect is one of a few vendors that sells Clevo notebooks, letting customers choose the various components. In the past, Clevo has had notebooks with desktop CPUs and a reasonably fast mobile GPU, or mobile CPUs with two GPUs; the X7200 combines the two and offers up to hex-core i7-980X CPU support with GTX 480M SLI graphics to provide what is easily the fastest notebook we've ever tested--with a "UPS battery" to match. Given the high-end nature of the CPU and GPU options, we asked AVADirect...

Who Says Bigger Isn't Better? Clevo X7200 with 480M SLI Available from AVADirect

When we looked at NVIDIA's 480M with its 100W TDP, we were curious how long it would take for notebook manufacturers to deal with the power requirements that two...

33 by Jarred Walton on 9/24/2010

Fermi Goes Mobile: AVADirect's Clevo W880CU with GTX 480M

Ever wonder what a $3,000 notebook looks like? NVIDIA's first DirectX 11-capable GPU makes its way into notebooks to reclaim the fastest mobile graphics crown from AMD, starting with...

47 by Dustin Sklavos on 7/7/2010

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