Plextor has been increasing their presence in the SSD market month by month. It's not a coincidence, we have been very pleased with all Plextor's drives that we have reviewed so far. At CES, Plextor showcased a variety of SSDs ranging from M.2 to TLC NAND based SSDs. While those two will not be available until later this year, Plextor sent us their M5M mSATA SSD. We have lately seen increasing traction in the mSATA SSD market. For long, there were only a few retail mSATA SSDs available but now we have competitive drives from manufacturers such as Intel and Crucial/Micron. Plextor's M5M is an interesting addition to the mix: It's not based on SadForce's SF-2281 controller like most of the mSATA SSD are, it...

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