Today we're taking a look at Cavium's ThunderX, a highly integrated ARMv8 server SoC with 48 cores and lots of I/O. With the ThunderX, Cavium is looking to challenge Intel and their market-dominating Xeon lineup. Meanwhile Intel hasn't been standing still and has further improved the Xeon D line. To that end we've put Cavium's new server SoC to the test and compare it against the latest and greatest twelve and sixteen core Xeon Ds. And we also got a hold of the new Xeon E5-2640 v4 which holds the promise of being a SKU with an excellent balance between performance and power. Can the ThunderX compete with the best Intel SKUs? Let's find out!

AMD Exits Dense Microserver Business, Ends SeaMicro Brand

AMD’s Q1’15 earnings announcement just came out a bit ago, and while we’re still waiting for the analyst call to take place to get more details, there is one...

60 by Ryan Smith on 4/16/2015

X-Gene 1, Atom C2000 and Xeon E3: Exploring the Scale-Out Server World

Most of our attention with servers has gone to the midrange (Xeon E5, Opteron 6300) and high-end (Xeon E7) platforms. But the low-end and micro server market is where...

47 by Johan De Gelas on 3/9/2015

ARM Challenging Intel in the Server Market: An Overview

Calxeda is no more, but many ARM licensees are preparing to storm the server market. Do they have a have fighting chance? Is the server ARMada capable of competing...

78 by Johan De Gelas on 12/16/2014

Computex 2014: GIGABYTE Server Shows 46x Avoton C2750 Microserver in 2U

For the few server-oriented business units I visited during Computex, a number of them were showing new Avoton oriented rackmount microservers. At GIGABYTE's Server unit, I was shown...

11 by Ian Cutress on 6/12/2014

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