NVMe 1.2

Intel has announced the most significant updates to their enterprise PCIe SSD lineup since the launch of their first NVMe SSDs. The new Intel SSD DC P4500 and P4600 are the successors to the P3500, P3600 and P3700 series, modernizing the product line with a new SSD controller and 3D NAND flash across the full range of models. Most of Intel's datacenter PCIe SSDs have still been using 20nm MLC NAND flash, though the P3500 did get replaced with the P3520 using Intel's 3D MLC. The new P4x00 generation moves everything over to Intel's 32-layer 3D TLC NAND flash. With a per-die capacity of 384Gb (48GB) compared to 128Gb (16GB) for Intel's 20nm MLC, it's no surprise to see greatly expanded capacities: where the old...

Toshiba Announces New BGA SSDs Using 3D TLC NAND

Toshiba has announced a new generation of BG series single-chip SSDs, with a newer controller and expanded capacity options thanks to the adoption of 3D NAND. The BG series...

14 by Billy Tallis on 8/3/2016

Intel Rolls Out New PCIe SSDs for Cloud Datacenters

Intel on Thursday introduced several new PCIe SSDs designed for cloud datacenters. The new drives increase capacities, shrink latencies and offer higher throughput in order to follow demands of...

21 by Billy Tallis & Anton Shilov on 3/31/2016

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