ASUS and Intel late on Tuesday announced that they had agreed to a term sheet involving Intel's NUC business, ensuring the continued support of existing NUC hardware as well as the development of new designs. Under the terms of the deal, ASUS will receive a non-exclusive license to existing Intel's NUC systems designs, the right to develop future designs, and an obligation to support existing NUCs. The world's largest motherboard supplier and one of the top 10 PC makers will thus take over a significant portion of the NUC program. "As we pivot our strategy to enable ecosystem partners to continue NUC systems product innovation and growth, our priority is to ensure a smooth transition for our customers and partners," said Sam Gao, Intel...

GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming UHD GB-BNi7HG4-950 mini-PC Review

The PC market has been subject to challenges over the last several years. However, gaming systems and small form-factor (SFF) PCs have weathered the storm particularly well. Many vendors...

53 by Ganesh T S on 10/28/2016

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