XPG Spectrix D80

ADATA has started shipments of its new memory modules that feature hybrid air and liquid-based cooling systems along with RGB lighting. The new XPG Spectrix D80 DDR4 RGB modules use ADATA’s Jellyfish concept the company revealed earlier this year at CES, but in a less aggressive way than presented originally. ADATA’s concept submerged the memory chips in a non-conductive liquid, but the XPG Spectrix D80 liquid-cools only a part of the PCB. ADATA plans to offer XPG Spectrix D80 DDR4 RGB DIMMs rated for DDR4-2666 to DDR4-3600 initially, targeting both AMD Ryzen and Intel Core platforms. The value-add of these modules is the cooling system, which according to ADATA, along with 'an advanced PCB', promise to enable a rather high overclocking potential. Just like other...

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